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Posted by on May 21, 2015 in Writing Fiction | 0 comments

10 Weird Writing Habits of Famous Authors

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We all have read popular books of the most famous writers. But do you know how those masterpieces were created? What were those specific features and habits of our beloved authors? Find the most interesting peculiarities of authors’ ways of writing!

Eudora Welty and Vladimir Nabokov had specific requirements as to the format of their masterpieces. Welty used to paste each page one to another making a long roll of paper depending on the length of stories. Nabokov preferred, on the contrary, small index cards which he would clip and store in the boxes.

Some authors dedicated specific time for writing, not letting anyone distract them. Thus, Flannery O’Connor worked for 2 hours a day due to her illness, though facing the blank panel of her furniture to secure 100% dedication to the process.

Thomas Wolfe also used his home appliances, specifically, his fridge to lean against – since with his height it was much more comfortable than a chair.


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