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Chapter 1: The life that would have been

Disclaimer: the prince belongs to me, everything else is history.

Hey, here is the next chapter, thank you for all the reviews and for following my story i hope you like it.


canstockphoto12459594Chapter I


25 years later

Ludlow Castle

My first memories were of my mother, in the nursery, telling me of my new sister. I was excited about my new sister and all the fun we were going to have.

“Am I boring you my Prince?” asked the tutor.

“No, I was thinking about my mother, it’s been almost a year and my father is already married again.” I replied startled.

“I know you miss your mother but the Queen had been ill for some time before. Your father the king mourned her loss and as much as your parents had you and your sister Mary the line of succession is not yet secure. I do know the lady in question and she is a young lady from a well-known family and was lady in waiting to your late mother.” The tutor said.

“I have the met the lady Jane Seymour, she is a lady of great beauty and is very modest, I am just worried that she may try to overpower me by being just like my mother.” I replied.

“I am sure that will not be. She served and had great respect for the late Queen. My Prince you are reaching the age where you won’t be restrained by governors and will be able to live your life as you want to.” Replied the tutor.

I was just about to answer when there was a knock on the door and a page entered bearing a letter, I took the letter and dismissed the page, I opened the letter and found it was from my sister Mary.

“My dearest brother,

How are you up in Ludlow castle, I have heard it can be very windy up there. My governess has said I am to go to London for the wedding and you will be there too.

I have met the lady Jane and am pleased with her, she has all the qualities of a wife and with god’s help she will be quick with child and a Prince of York will be born.”

I put the letter down at this point. I have always known that my life was a blessing but I never knew what happened to me until my mother told me.


4 years ago Richmond Palace

“My dear son.” Queen Catherine smiled as she walked into the room with open arms.

“Lady Mother, to what do we owe the pleasure of this visit?” I replied rising from my chair and giving my mother a low bow.

“Can’t a mother visit her favourite child?” Catherine replied.

I couldn’t contradict her as I was a lucky child; she stayed for dinner, after dinner we retired to her solar with some wine. I knew there was a story about my birth but I didn’t know what it was.

“Mother, I know there is a story about my birth but I know nothing about it, could you tell me?” I asked.

“Your father didn’t want you to know yet but I think you are ready to know what happened.” Catherine replied.

“It all started when you were almost 2 months old. When I gave birth to you your father planned lots of festivities to celebrate your birth and that day there was a jousting tournament, everything was going smoothly when a nurse that was attending you came rushing out of the castle.” Catherine said.

“Your majesty, the Prince is ill.” She said.

“I was immediately out of my chair and rushing back to the castle. I was so worried that I forgot to tell your father. When I got to your cot I found you screaming and the nurses in fits of panic.”

She paused to take a drink and get her breath back. “A few minutes later your father arrived and said that a page had told him, behind him came two doctors who set to work on you, trying to work out what was wrong with you. Your father and I could do nothing but stand there and wait for the doctors to finish.”

I could see she was getting upset and was going to stop her but she carried on. “The doctors worked on you for hours, the Countess of Salisbury was beside herself with guilt as it was on her watch that you became ill. Finally the doctors were finished. You had a fever but they didn’t know how to treat you. I was beside myself with worry; your father threw the incompetent doctors out and summoned his personal doctor. Doctor Butts arrived and immediately got to work; he came to the same conclusion as the two other doctors. You had a fever because of imbalanced humours and suggested that poultices and leeches be applied to you to draw out the poison, we wanted you to live so much that we agreed to Doctor Butts plan.”

I could see tears brimming in her eyes so I got up and went to kneel down in front of her.

“Lady Mother, please don’t get upset, you don’t need to carry on, it’s getting late and we can finish the story another night.” I said.

“If that’s want you want my son.” She replied.

Two days later we were back in her solar and Catherine finished her story. “For two days you laid restless, your fever was getting worse. Your father and I spent as much time as we could with you. Prayers were being said for you all the time. That night your fever reached its pitch, there was nothing anyone could do; your life was in the hands of God.”

We both had tears in our eyes. “The next day Doctor Butts came to see me, I was thinking that I was going to be told that you were dead but Doctor Butts told me that you were alive and your fever had broken. I was overjoyed and immediately went to the church to give thanks and then went to see you. Your father had a special mass to give thanks for your recovery and to God for giving you back to us.”

End of flashback

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