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Posted by on Mar 17, 2015 in Writing Poetry | 1 comment

Create a Sparkling Diamanté Poem

canstockphoto14786539Want to give your poetry more sparkle?

Try creating a diamanté poem.

A diamanté is a diamond-shaped poem with seven lines in a simple structure – and it’s fun to write!

Diamantés are simple for a beginner to try, while more experienced writers can make the form more challenging by including a clever twist in meaning from the first line to the last, adding an element of surprise to the poem.

I’ve created two examples for you:


deceptive, languid

stretching, rolling, yawning

mouthful of ivory daggers

crouching, waiting, pouncing

cruel, merciless




beautiful, graceful

waltzing, gliding, whirling

captured in endless time

swirling, turning, floating

silent, lonely


Like to have a try? Here’s the format:

  • Line 1: one noun – the name of a thing, place or person; the subject of the poem
  • Line 2: two adjectives – words which describe the subject
  • Line 3: three verbs ending with -ing – actions the subject makes
  • Line 4: a four-word phrase to describe the subject
  • Line 5: three more verbs ending with -ing
  • Line 6: two more adjectives
  • Line 7: another noun to describe the same subject
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1 Comment

  1. I like this, I’m going to try it!

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