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canstockphoto8915402aI can’t work out how to log in!

You need to go to

The login is on the black bar at the top, on the right. You will need to subscribe and wait for your password to arrive by email before you can log in.

You can also find a login link on the Comments section underneath each piece of writing.


How do I put my work on the site?

1. Subscribe to Mythbinder Writers’ Showcase.

2. Wait for an email containing your password.

3. Log in to the site (top right).

4. Look for the word New in the menu bar on the top edge, and choose Post.

5. Choose a title and type or paste your work into the main section.

6. If you want to add a photo or drawing (it must be your own work), please email it to us with the title of your work and we will add it to your writing once it has been reviewed.

7. Add your BIO underneath (a few sentences about yourself, why you wrote it, etc., and your website if you want a link). Read our Submission Guidelines to see examples.

8. Ensure the category you have selected is Awaiting Moderation. We will choose a category when we review your work. Don’t worry if you can’t see a category that suits your work – if it’s right for the site, we’ll create one.

9. Scroll back to the top right and click on the blue box marked Submit for Review.

10. If you added a link, go to your website and add a link to – if you’ve already done this once, you don’t need to do it again every time you post another piece of writing.

11. Post a comment to encourage and help another writer.

12. Share your writing on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to spread the love.


No, I’ve tried and tried and I just can’t post my writing on the site. Please help me!

Read our Submission Guidelines first. Subscribe and wait for your password to arrive by email.

Then reply to the email, copy and paste your work into the main page of the email and we’ll sort it out for you. Do not attach anything to the email, except one photo taken by you, or one copy of a drawing which was drawn by you.

Don’t forget to add your BIO, or your work will not be posted on the site.


Can I add a stock photo?

No – but sometimes we’ll add a suitable image.


I want to add a comment, but I can’t find the Submit Comment button

It’s very pale-coloured – we had difficulty, too! It’s not directly beneath the Comment box, but underneath all the bit about HTML below that, on the right. We’re trying to fix it.


How long does it take for a piece of writing to be reviewed and approved?

If we’re working on the site, we’ll review it within an hour. Otherwise it could take up to 2 days.


How long does it take for my password to be sent?

It’s not an automated process. If we’re working on the site, we’ll send it within an hour. Otherwise it could take up to 2 days. You can change your password on your Profile once you’ve logged in, if you wish.

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