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Posted by on Feb 26, 2015 in Writing Your Blog | 2 comments

How to Write Your Blog Like a Box of Chocolates


If you’re struggling to get readers for your blog, why not turn it into a box of chocolates?

There are about 152 million blogs on the internet. Many lie empty and abandoned after a few dull posts about the blogger’s life, which were only read by their mother and her cat, Henry.

Will yours be next?

If your blog is going to be successful, you need to be more than a just-good-enough writer – you need to be a great writer. And your blog needs to have something deliciously exciting about it which makes people long for your next post like a luscious birthday treat.

Tempt your readers in

The Net is filled with boring blog post titles. They do the job, but which of these would grab your attention first: 10 Ways to Have a Happy Life or 10 Ways to Live Like a Boiled Egg – But Without Getting Your Head Smashed In! ? “What the??? How can you live like a boiled egg??? I’ve got to read that!”

Another way is to mention a famous person, TV programme, cartoon character or household brand, especially if the comparison is a surprise. Think of ideas such as Why I Didn’t Marry Mel Gibson for a post about choosing your partner on his character rather than his looks, or 7 Reasons to Run Your Business Like Donald Duck for a post about building your company’s brand name.

Taste sweet, not bitter

There’s a place for sour humour or ranting, but only a few websites do these really well. For most of us, the Web is a place to get fun, practical advice and friendly encouragement. Putting a positive spin on your writing will attract more readers than constant whining about life – we’ve all got enough problems of our own already, thanks.

Have beautiful presentation

Ever seen those bags of ‘mis-shapes’ chocolates on sale? They taste exactly the same and cost a lot less than a box of the identical chocolates, but they’re not appreciated nearly as much. Treat your work as worth reading, polish every phrase, check for typos and choose a modern, clean looking background for your blog.

Go for quality, not quantity

There’s far more chocolate in a big slab than in a heart-shaped golden box of chocs, but we’re happy to pay more for it because it’s nicer quality chocolate. Posting every day isn’t necessary – one really good blog post a week (or even once a month) can draw more readers than daily updates with no real flavour.

Have a good variety of old favourites and new tastes

Don’t bore your readers with the same old topics. Even if your blog has a theme, you don’t need to stick to one formula; you can add variety by using different layout styles and various aspects of your subject matter.

So turn your blog into a box of chocolates today – and you’ll have your readers clicking from one post to another, reaching out for just one more mouth-watering feast!


Emily Lock is a freelance writer and blogger about the ups and downs of trying to evolve towards a better life.

Her Emily the Dodo blog is updated every week, with ideas to inspire you to make those changes, quizzes to help you decide what you want and planners so you can figure out how you’re going to get it, along with life hacks to make it easier. Come and join Emily on the journey to a happy life.





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  1. I really enjoyed this post … but kept waiting for the Forrest Gump reference that never came! Just proves his point … you never know what you’re gonna get! 🙂

    • Good point – I never thought of it, Lucy! OK, you can choose first…

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