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Posted by on Apr 1, 2015 in Find Ideas | 0 comments

Mythbinder Writing Prompts: April 2015

canstockphoto18903272Now that Spring is here, it’s time to freshen up your writing with our April Writing Prompts.

If you don’t know what to do with them, take a look at this guide first.

We suggest you allow at least ten minutes for the first one, twenty minutes for the second one. If you’re enjoying these writing prompts, please share them with a friend – it should be quite interesting to see how different their results are from yours!

1. Fool; Like a sparrow

2. Darkness; The best intentions

3. Herald; None left

4. Apple; After all these years

5. Shadows; Like father, like daughter

6. Steam; Too impatient

7. Enchantment; Guilty as sin

8. Recovering; Extra large

9. Smooth; A landslide victory

10. Fleece; Losing my way

11. Arrival; Looking down the barrel of a gun

12. Sheep; Too late to say goodbye

13. Class; Five minutes with the King

14. Vulgar; An amazing prediction

15. Elder; An oily rag

16. Wedding; Keep your eyes open

17. Farmyard; No substitute

18. Falling; Don’t bother!

19. Patent; Down in the dumps

20. Skill; An orange ball

21. Tense; Self-made millionaire

22. Belongings; A lion with no teeth

23. Killer; Safety belt

24. Twilight; First experience of snow

25. Hatch; Stained glass

26. Fill; Let’s make it out of wood

27. Glory; Forbidden fruit

28. Joker; A story to tell our grandchildren

29. Comforting; Revenge can wait a lifetime

30. Banana; It was locked!

Emily Lock is a freelance writer and blogger about the ups and downs of trying to evolve towards a better life.

Her Emily the Dodo blog is updated every week, with ideas to inspire you to make those changes, quizzes to help you decide what you want and planners so you can figure out how you’re going to get it, along with life hacks to make it easier. Come and join Emily on the journey to a happy life.

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