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Posted by on Jan 1, 2016 in Find Ideas | 0 comments

Mythbinder Writing Prompts: January 2016

canstockphoto11242822If your New Year’s Resolution is to do more writing, but you don’t know where to start, our January Writing Prompts will give you two writing ideas to challenge yourself every day for a month.

If you haven’t tried them before, read this guide first.

Try giving yourself around ten minutes for the first idea and twenty minutes for the second one. Having fun with these writing prompts? Please share them with a friend!

1. Limp; Just a little too sweet

2. Out; Medical care

3. Surface; An uninvited guest

4. Hungry; Folded sheets

5. Steps; On Cloud Nine

6. Skate; Under the bridge

7. Cheese; Dark days

8. Telling; A yellow box

9. Channel; When there’s money involved

10. Encouraged; Ten o’clock

11. Flash; Language difficulties

12. Dizzy; How do I look?

13. Curling; A better life

14. Short; But he said he would call

15. Control; An ancient map

16. Eyebrows; Out of touch

17. Milk; Security matters

18. Ash; An old favourite

19. Tanks; The world’s tallest building

20. Stray; Handle it carefully

21. Vision; A feather in my cap

22. Beard; The longer way home

23. Rib; Guilty until proved innocent

24. Wire; Good PR

25. Pound; Underwater city

26. Club; This time next year

27. Shallow; Home help

28. Uplifting; Two spiders in my bath

29. Drill; Wasting time

30. Scars; A few words of comfort

31. Token; Waiting for sunrise

Emily Lock is a freelance writer and blogger about the ups and downs of trying to evolve towards a better life.

Her Emily the Dodo blog is updated every week, with ideas to inspire you to make those changes, quizzes to help you decide what you want and planners so you can figure out how you’re going to get it, along with life hacks to make it easier. Come and join Emily on the journey to a happy life.

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