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Posted by on Mar 1, 2015 in Find Ideas | 0 comments

Mythbinder Writing Prompts: March 2015

canstockphoto22899393Time for another set of inspiring ideas for writing!

Remember, if you don’t know how to use them, read this first.

We suggest you allow at least ten minutes for the first one, twenty minutes for the second one. If you’re enjoying these writing prompts, please share them with a friend – it should be quite interesting to see how different their results are from yours!

1. Letters; Gold dust

2. Beginning; One second from disaster

3. Pillow; A special relationship

4. Mass; The end of the matter

5. Trust; A work of art

6. Fresh; Borrowed time

7. Thunder; He doesn’t really mean it

8. Master; Common sense

9. Torch; Much too complicated

10. Chicken; One in a million

11. Guide; I can’t think of anything worse

12. Suffocating; Small pleasures

13. Magic; Watering it down

14. Flush; But I still remember

15. Matches; Short of breath

16. Calculated; Scot free

17. Choice; You can see it in her eyes

18. Iron; A bargain price

19. Training; Just one chunk

20. Front; It was only a joke

21. Sold; Blending in

22. Retired; Coming to a head

23. Bottle; New and improved

24. Touching; Back to normal

25. Gel; Under another name

26. Flying; A few last questions

27. Not easily broken

28. Boil; Picking it up

29. Prickly; Feeling the chill

30. Spell; Got it covered

31. Seven; Always read the instructions

Emily Lock is a freelance writer and blogger about the ups and downs of trying to evolve towards a better life.

Her Emily the Dodo blog is updated every week, with ideas to inspire you to make those changes, quizzes to help you decide what you want and planners so you can figure out how you’re going to get it, along with life hacks to make it easier. Come and join Emily on the journey to a happy life.



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