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Posted by on Feb 12, 2015 in Daily Life | 0 comments

Parody: An Oldie’s Fever

(lines inspired by John Masefield’s poem, Sea Fever)


I must go down to the Doc again,

‘Cos the pain in my leg’s getting worse;

Though all I need is some ointment

And a few kind words from the nurse.

And all I ask is some medicine

To ease my persistent cough,

And a letter to ask my employer

To allow me a few days off!


I must go down to the Doc again,

‘Cos there’s something wrong with my breath;

I can’t even run for the bus now

Without I’m feeling like death!

And all I ask is a good night’s sleep

And to feel just fine on awaking;

For I need to get up in the morning

Without my usual head-aching!


I must go down to the Doc again,

‘Cos the pain in my chest is a curse.

I’m getting so terribly frightened

That soon I’ll be needing a hearse!

And all I ask is some Warfarin

To keep my blood all the thinner,

And I think that we must agree, friends,

That our surgery is a winner!

Alfred Paice retired to the Isle of Wight after a career in teaching. His amateur writing has always been influenced by his Christian beliefs and his quirky sense of humour. This was written when they threatened to close the local surgery.


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