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Posted by on Mar 3, 2015 in Daily Life | 0 comments

Poem: Abandoned

Abandoned in the attic

Ignored for many years

It doesn’t make me worry

Or bring me any tears.


I’m happy just to sit here

The time will come one day

When someone who is curious

Will come up here to play.


They’ll first see lots of boxes

And suitcases galore

Maybe toys and board games

Scattered on the floor.


Where children had, some years ago,

Come up to hide and play

Perhaps it was a secret place

Where they could hide all day.


One day they will come up here

And rummage through the ness

Thwen will they find the china

Or the lovely flowery dress.


Then maybe they will notice

In the corner at the back

A happy-looking teddy bear

Peeping from a sack.


Jonathan Ball is an amateur poet who has written a number of children’s books, the Jellyland series, available as ebooks on Amazon. The first in the series is Jelly Monster Helps Out.

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