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Posted by on Jul 5, 2015 in Emotions, Sad Poetry | 0 comments

Poem: Dressing Up Box For a Wife

Angel costume, stained with red wine

Badge of allegiance to a side I never joined

Clown’s false smile, outlined in scarlet

Dancing shoes to dodge the coming blow

Eye-shadow to cover my bruises

Football scarf to wear on the sidelines

Gold ring, the first link in the chain

Heart-shaped locket holding pictures of two strangers

Inventor’s white coat for making new excuses

Jewelled choker, tight around my neck

Keys on a ring for hanging at my waist

Lacy corset, holding in my secrets

Mortar board? An apron would be more use

Nurse’s outfit, with sexy black stockings, of course

Overall and brush to whitewash over the cracks

Party dress to look pretty for his friends

Queen’s crown, heavier than I had expected

Ruby necklace to match my eyes (ha ha)

Sword? Oh, no, they’re only for boys

Trainers so he can give me the runaround

Umbrella with parrot-headed handle

Veil to wear in public… though this one’s torn

Watch in case I’m late, which would mean disaster

X-ray glasses to see what he’s thinking

Youth and beauty: essential fashion accessories

Zip-up bag to take it all when I leave…



Emily Lock

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