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Posted by on Feb 11, 2015 in Emotions | 0 comments

Poem: Fear

The trees were dark as thunder

The leaves were almost gone

The winter wind was howling

And I was on my own


I walked with lightest footsteps

Lest e’en the birds should hear

Attracting no attention

Not even from the deer


The sound came very lightly

From left, or was it right?

I stopped so’s I could hear it

The demon of the night


I looked in all directions

But couldn’t see at all

The thing that made the rustling

I wondered: should I call?


I summoned up my courage

Prepared to face the worst

I wondered should I run away

Or should I shout out first?


I came to the conclusion

That I should hold my peace

I started walking very fast

Till all the sounds should cease


There’s my own safe haven

I see the lights aglow

Who cares what sound had frightened me

This was no horror show


I walked and then I ran

To a doorway; then a scream!

I opened up my bleary eyes

And knew; it was a dream


Jonathan Ball is an amateur poet who has written a number of children’s books, the Jellyland series, available as ebooks on Amazon. The first in the series is Jelly Monster Helps Out.

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