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Posted by on Feb 14, 2016 in Love Poems | 2 comments

Poem: First Valentine










I tried to write a poem for this card

To make it something special, sweet and rare

But now I find that it is much too hard

To try to represent the love we share


So tell me, have I known you only months?

It seems as if you’ve always held my heart

And having met you now and loved you once

I wish that we need never be apart


So keep this in a box of souvenirs

And look in ten years’ time – I hope you’ll see

That this is not a special card at all

Just one of many Valentines from me.



Emily Lock

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  1. Hmm, I see you spotted my ‘deliberate mistake’, Andy! I could make it, ‘That this is not a special card, my dear’ but I liked the other version better – even if it does muck up the rhyme scheme!

  2. Hi Emily, didn’t see this one earlier as haven’t been on the site lately. Very sweet. The line before last doesn’t fit the rhyme, shouldn’t it rhyme with souvenirs?

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