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Posted by on Feb 14, 2015 in Funny Poems, People and Relationships | 1 comment

Poem: My Daughter Dream

sarah2Many years ago before the wrinkles

I dreamed I’d start a family

Eventually, uneventfully, my daughter arrived

I named her Sarah Emily

To me she was perfection in a sleepsuit

Her skin was soft and pale as snow

Her lips pursed like a tiny rosebud

Could almost see her halo glow

I’d dreamed of this moment so often

How it would be as a mother

And what life held for my little girl

The future was ours to discover

In my dreams she had long golden hair

She has! And I brush it with love

A Utopian princess in a tower

She must have been sent from above

It seems that dreams really can come true

I watch her laughing and playing

And Googling stuff on the internet

Loves music (see her dancing and swaying!)

Like all teenagers she can be obnoxious

Sulking because life’s so unfair

Okay, so that wasn’t in my dreams

Those days are more like a nightmare

But as fast as they come they disappear

And she’s picking out a new dress

Or planning who she’s going to marry

And choosing which popstar is best

I think of my dreams as she gets on the bus

I’m glad she’s always liked school

I dreamed she’d be right at the top of the class

That she would be nobody’s fool

She isn’t! She’s smart and funny and full of life

Fantastic imagination

She’s everything I dreamed she’d be

But just one clarification …

As I look at my beautiful daughter in lounge

Dressing up (my skirt, her silly hat)

I can just about see she has Down’s syndrome

I never dreamed of that!

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