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Posted by on May 23, 2015 in Historical, Love Poems | 0 comments

Poem: Pompeii










Step back an eon, look between the pillars; it was always there

its hulking presence sometimes hidden in the mist, but

we knew

down in the crater, that deep and terrible wound

crusted over by time, the last heat


to a semblance of stone


Trace the crack with a finger: these

walls held a family once, each brick

a memory

the sun still shone; odd how that lulled us into


looking back…

and though the feelings rumbled under the surface

normality seemed reality


look away: that building had another use, you know what

I mean; they paid

for it, yet being free cost us

more; a nice irony, that…

tremors were no warning

until the earth moved


The flash of heat took us by surprise


a boiling in the blood, molecules

exploding in our veins

a second’s look

in a darkened light

and the ash fell, hardening over our memories

entombing us forever


in that final loveless act of love



Emily Lock

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