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Posted by on Feb 12, 2015 in Funny Poems | 0 comments

Poem: The Wonders of Wight










All things bright and beautiful

An Island green and small

All things Wight and wonderful

The Lord God made it all


We’ve got some famous Cowes here

Where you can sail a boat;

But if you try to milk them

You’ll only play the goat!


Among our other wonders

Of which we often talk,

A Lake you walk through dryshod

And Ryde where you can walk.


Newport you cannot bottle;

Freshwater you can’t drink;

You’ll never thread our Needles

And that’s not all, we think.


Newtown is very ancient,

Although it’s rather sweet;

And as for catching Winkles –

There are none in this Street!


We’ve coloured sands a-plenty

Way down at Alum Bay;

In fact, there’s more than twenty –

At least, that’s what we say.


All these odd things you’ll find here

In this, our Garden Isle;

Great wonders we are proud of,

So come and stay a while.


Alfred Paice retired to the Isle of Wight after a career in teaching. His amateur writing has always been influenced by his Christian beliefs and his quirky sense of humour. (This poem/song lyrics was based on an idea from a friend, Shirley Higgins.)

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