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Posted by on Mar 26, 2017 in Daily Life, Emotions | 0 comments

Poem: Those Miraculous Two Words







Often, we live our life

Trapped in a luxurious glass box.

We feel glad living there away from

Cruel world which is always ready to

Tear us apart. With time, we feel

Suffocated, reckless and feckless, when we

See other’s perseverance getting rewarded by life.

We realize that we are not living our dreams,

but are successfully appeasing the society,

And we just watch with awe and jealousy

To others who apparently look at us with schadenfreude.


The same comfortable box seems like

Prison with its wall so high, that its height

Seems unfathomable. We feel frozen and unable

To move like an ice sculpture. The Cloud of negativity

Smothered us like smog does to so-called

Cosmopolitan city. With nothing visible but our own

Ineptitude, we bang on the glass box with the tepid fist.


But no one seems to listen to us and we feel like

Lonely cactus in the desert. Progress seems to elude

Our life and it appears to get repelled away from us.

We become helpless and hapless with no help in sight.


Until it strikes us that we implore others to love us,

When we can’t love ourselves. We wish to hear those

Three magical words from our loved ones

but don’t attempt to think about

Those miraculous two words- Love Thyself,

we can say to ourselves everyday.


The strongest person is the one

Who can live in solitude in this lonely world.

As we accept our flaws and idiosyncrasies, we

Try to become better than yesterday every single day.

As we rediscover ourselves and extend our boundaries,

We witness the power of those miraculous two words.


By: Unchronicled Narratives

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