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Posted by on Feb 15, 2015 in Transport | 1 comment

Poem: Titanic’s Maiden Voyage


The dock is heaving with the crowd

All keen to be a part

Of this historic episode

They’ll see my voyage start

My captain and his officers

The company and crew

As one, unite in loyal pride

They are the lucky few

My gleaming hull reflects the sun

I’m basking in the glory

Each cabin, lounge, saloon and hall

Tells my luxurious story

From millionaires to steerage dregs

The passengers are boarding

Newfangled moving picture boxes

Memories recording

Now, “All ashore that’s going ashore!”

Excited seamen shout

The wistful loved ones left behind

Wave handkerchiefs about

With fierce majestic certainty

I carve through sapphire sea

Outclassing those who went before

They all look up to me

My boilers stoked by burly men

Preparing for the quest

And firing up in readiness

To prove that I’m the best

For I must cross in record time

Failure? Unthinkable!

Nothing can stop me now because

I am unsinkable …

Frank Barry works in a care home for the elderly. His hobbies include volunteering on archaeological sites and playing rugby.

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1 Comment

  1. I really enjoyed this poem, Frank. It’s interesting to hear it from the ship’s point of view!

    However, the last stanza doesn’t quite match the rhythm of the rest. May I just suggest a slight improvement would be:

    For I must cross in record time
    as failure is unthinkable!
    Nothing can stop me now because
    I’m sure I am unsinkable …

    … although the third line’s still not quite the right rhythm!

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