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Posted by on Feb 14, 2015 in Love Poems | 1 comment

Poem: Waiting

Do you know where you are going

Do you know what’s waiting there

Is it just a fading notion

That life will be more fair.


Is it just a passing moment

Or do you feel for sure

That somewhere in the distance

You’ll find a life secure.


Have you waited for a long time

Or is it just a whim

That some where in the great out there

You’ll find a different him.


When you realize the future

And he’s not waiting there

Then maybe you can look at me

And see how much I care.


I’ve waited for a long time

Been lonely longer still

So take a look behind you

And maybe then you will.


Go on, my lonely lover,

And find your future’s past,

Then maybe in this dream-world

You’ll find me there at last.


Jonathan Ball is an amateur poet who has written a number of children’s books, the Jellyland series, available as ebooks on Amazon. The first in the series is Jelly Monster Helps Out.

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1 Comment

  1. Aw 🙁 This is so sweet. I hope she realises how nice he is for waiting for her all that time!

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