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Posted by on Mar 3, 2015 in Stories for Children | 3 comments

Short story for children: HOW RUDE!

canstockphoto2779700This is the story of a little princess called Sarah-Emily.  At least, that’s what the king and queen called her when she was born …

She was as beautiful as a butterfly, and everyone who came to see the new baby smiled with joy and said things like “Isn’t she lovely!” and “How sweet!” and “What lucky parents your majesties are!”

But as the days went by, and the princess grew from a tiny baby into a little girl, people who met her started not to smile any more. I’m sorry to say that Princess Sarah-Emily had become rather naughty and spoilt and very VERY RUDE!

When kings and queens were visiting from other countries, the princess would sit at the tea table but instead of passing the buns politely she would grab at least three and stuff them into her mouth all at once. Then BU-RRRR-PPP very loudly … HOW RUDE!

If her cousins came to play she would hide all her toys then wiggle her bottom at them … HOW RUDE!

When TV cameras came to film the royal family, guess who spoilt every shot by sticking out her tongue? … HOW RUDE!

Instead of saying “Your Highness” people would say “Your Rudeness”!

Whenever anyone asked her anything she would shout “NO!” (without even bothering to think about the question, which was rather silly, especially if they were asking her if she’d like some ice cream!).

In fact, she used the word so often that very soon everyone started to call her Princess No! By the time she was five, even the Princess thought her name was No!

Now the king and queen were very sensible parents and decided that she should go to school. “Maybe the other children will show her how to behave,” said the king. “We must stop treating her like a princess and make her be like everyone else,” said the queen.

So on her first day of school, the bus turned up to collect her.

“Good morning!” said Jackie, the lady who looked after all the children on the bus. “Are you looking forward to school?”

“NO!” shouted Princess No … HOW RUDE!

“Good morning!” said Mrs. Newton, her teacher. “And what’s your name?”

“NO!” shouted Princess No. But Mrs. Newton didn’t say “HOW RUDE!” (Even though she thought it!) Instead she said “OK Princess No! As it’s your first day I want you to tell the whole class what you like doing best of all.”

Princess No stood at the front and stuck out her tongue … HOW RUDE!

But the children didn’t think it was rude, they thought it was funny … and they all stuck out their tongues right back at her!

Princess No looked at all the little pink tongues sticking out at her and did something amazing. She started to smile, then she laughed, then she blushed … because she could see how silly she must have looked.

And Princess No went and sat down at her desk, opened her book and sat quietly waiting to learn something. And Mrs. Newton had lots of stuff ready to teach!

Nowadays everyone calls her Princess Sarah-Emily and even “Your Highness” most of the time … but sometimes she still BU-RRRR-PPS rather loudly … HOW RUDE!

Lucy Murray gave up running a successful Mobile Zoo business to be a full-time carer for her husband, who is ill, and her daughter who has Down’s syndrome. She has written about her experiences in The Dippy Zookeeper, available from Amazon.

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  1. brilliant, feel honoured to be a part of it. Cant wait for the next one.

    • Thank you for your kind words Jackie 🙂 I hope we’ll see some of your writing on here soon too!

  2. Very funny – and I know a little ‘princess’ who’s just like that!

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