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Posted by on Jun 26, 2015 in Daily Life | 1 comment

Short Story: Unhinged in the Kitchen

I smoked too many cigarettes again yesterday.

It was another weepy day. Even the sky cried with me, forming tearful puddles on the patio.

The dirty dishes remain, piled up in the sink, looking at me with accusing eyes. The worktops are littered with the kids’ toys – a skipping rope, a water pistol, a teddy. The cornflakes that Freddy spat out yesterday cling, encrusted on the high chair.

Ryan’s football boots, tossed carelessly under the table, are shouting to be moved. But the shoe fairy (who used to tidy them away magically overnight) has either gone on strike or on holiday. Or maybe she’s dead.

I should empty the washing machine but it’s still my enemy this morning. It refused to shut its door properly last night … on purpose. And it was laughing at me.

Packed lunches flit through my mind. But the bread’s all gone. The kids can take that leftover pizza to school today. They’ll be fine. I guess.

I can hear the girls screeching at each other again, fighting over the last pair of clean socks. Now the baby’s wailing to come out of her cot.

I should get her.

I really should.

I’ll just have one more cigarette first.

I’ll smoke too many again today.

Who cares?

Lucy Murray gave up running a successful Mobile Zoo business to be a full-time carer for her husband, who is ill, and her daughter who has Down’s syndrome. She has written about her experiences in The Dippy Zookeeper, available from Amazon.

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1 Comment

  1. I think we’ve all been there, Lucy!

    Just a thought – what if the baby had stopped crying? That way, we’d wonder if she was all right, which might give the story a stronger ending.

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