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Writers’ Guidelines



Would you like to see your writing on this site? So would we!



Simply email your work to mythbinder [at] for review (change the [at] to @).

Don’t forget to include your name or pen-name. You can add a photo taken by you or a drawing done by yourself, if you wish.

If we like it, we’ll add it to the site within 2 days.

Please help other writers by adding friendly, helpful comments on their work.



We are happy to accept guest posts containing advice for writers.

Preferred length 500- 2000 words, but let the writing find its own length.

Please add a short bio. You are welcome to add a link to your website or blog (including other sites for writers). No affiliate links.

Subject matter should be an original non-fiction article containing helpful information for writers, for example:

  • How to improve an aspect of poetry/fiction writing/ blog-writing
  • Ways to generate ideas for creative writing/blogging
  • Your writing experiences, with suggestions to help other writers with similar problems
  • General blogging start-up advice, with emphasis on writing techniques rather than SEO/affiliate links etc.
  • Ways to organise/improve life as a writer or time spent on writing as a hobby
  • Getting published/promoting published books or ebooks

NO blatant advertising of goods or services. Your post should be a genuine attempt to entertain or inform our readers, although you may mention books you have published or services you offer. But save the sales push for your own website! For example, you could submit an interesting article about The Benefits of Chocolate Therapy For Writers and mention in your bio that you have been a chocotherapist for six years and have written a book, Chocolate Therapy – the Easy Way to Surplus Flab by A.Pigg, available on Amazon. Or you could write about your experiences while writing your book, mentioning it by name in the article, and tell readers how you overcame the problems you encountered. No problem. We just can’t accept an article which is entirely about your book and how everyone should buy it because it’s so great.

How to submit a Guest Post:

Please email the suggested title with a couple of sentences to describe the subject matter and a link to some of your work to mythbinder [at] for consideration. (change the [at] to @) Don’t forget to include your name or pen-name. If you would prefer the post to be published on a particular date, please tell us.

Any images you submit to accompany your post should be photos taken by you or diagrams/artwork created by you. We do not use Creative Commons images. If you do not submit an image, we will add a stock photo.

Once your guest post has been agreed, we will add you as a Contributor on Mythbinder Writers’ Showcase so you can add and edit your work. Please save it as a Draft until it is ready to Submit for Review.



We reserve the right to delete any user or any work submitted without stating a reason.

By submitting your writing for publication on, you are giving us permission to publish it on this site and/or to include it in any future collection of writings from this site, such as a book or an ebook, and you understand that you will not receive any payment for publication under any circumstances.

You retain the copyright on all work submitted by you and remain free to submit it for publication elsewhere after submission. If you’re worried about your work being copied once it’s on the internet, email a copy to yourself the day before you submit it, and keep a print-out with the date on so you can prove it’s yours.

We reserve the right to edit work submitted, for example to change titles, correct errors or add spacing to large blocks of text.

All text and images used must be your own property and not previously published (other than on your own personal website).


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