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Posted by on Feb 21, 2015 in Sad Poetry | 0 comments

Poem: Wasted

Neglected in the cradle

I hope for Papa’s love

But Mommy is his punch bag

And I’s his boxing glove

Forgotten in the classroom

Miss Smith says I’s a clown

I play the asshole just for show

Them bullies knock me down

Rejected in the bedroom

When I can’t get it up

She sneers and says I must be gay

She calls me “Buttercup”

Exploited in the road gang

The pay don’t match the work

Crew’s a bunch of dickheads

Bossman’s the biggest jerk

Persuaded in the nightclub

I snort a line of coke

Need another fix now

Why’s I so fuckin’ broke?

Deluded in the subway

Frustrated with my life

Pick a fight with Billy

Don’t know he has a knife

Demented in the struggle

Somehow I’s got the blade

Forget who Billy is right now

My buddy’s real afraid

Convicted in the courtroom

Judge looks me in the eye

He passes sentence quietly

I’s ‘spectin’ now to die

Discarded in the cell block

A place I’s come to know

And so the waitin’ game begins

Yeah, I is on Death Row

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